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Our Metal Roofing Panels

MasterRib Panel

Our rib panel options are similar to our corrugated metal roofing panels as they are fitted in the same way and offer the same energy efficiency, low-cost installation, and lasting protection. The main difference is the appearance. This style paneling has the clean ribbed lines in contrast to the corrugated waves.
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Standing Seam Panel

The Standing Seam Panel looks different from the other styles in appearance, but only slightly. Especially with the rib panel, you may not notice much difference aesthetically. How they differ is the way they are fitted, Both rib and corrugated panels are attached directly to your roof sheathing, whereas Standing Seam Panels are raised above the surface. The fastening system being raised and interlocking makes them more durable, reliable, and longer-lasting.
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Visualize your roof improvement

We can take a photo of your home and show what it would potentially look like with different metal roofing color options.

Professional Metal Roof Installers

We provide continuous training for our metal roof installers.

Our training consists of both classroom training and hands-on training.

Four Reasons to Install a Metal Roof

Save Money

A metal roof is a great investment because it pays you dividends in time, money, and value. The initial cost for a metal roof is high, but in the long run it will save you money. It comes with a 40-year finish warranty and can last a lifetime. You won't ever need another roof with our metal roofing.

Weather Resistant

Metal roofing is in a class by itself when it comes to protection from severe weather. Metal roofing carries the highest wind, impact (hail), and fire ratings. So no matter where you live, metal provides the best protection for your home. Our metal roofing is second to none! Contact us today for your free quote.

Green Products

Metal roofs are 100% recyclable and meet all green product definitions of recyclability and recycled content. You can install a metal roof on your home, leave it there for 50 years, take it down, recycle the metal and put it back on your house for another 50 years. That's as green as it gets and enviroment-friendly!

Curb Appeal

Increase a home's value by 1% to 6%. The Siliconized Polyester paint retains its finish for decades, resisting stains, fading, and granule loss that affect other roof types. With a 40-year manufacturer's finish warranty that ensures a long life for your new roof, you can rest assured you're getting top-quality roofing.

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